Airborne Media Group and P4RC Forge Strategic and Technical Alliance to Transform Interactive Television

Airborne Media Group and P4RC Forge Strategic and Technical Alliance to Transform Interactive Television 

DURANGO, Colorado and CULVER CITY, California—November 18, 2014—Airborne Media Group, creators of Audioair® and P4RC announced today the formation of a strategic and technical alliance that teams the patented technologies of each company to transform interactive television in commercial and public venues through the integration of P4RC’s private label loyalty and rewards program with Audioair’s interactive television experience.

The landmark alliance is exclusive and aims to redefine the way digital displays are used in commercial and public venues by permitting mobile device users to interact with screens with five core capabilities:

 Smartphone users will be able to selectively listen to screens, which are muted for practical noise considerations.

 Smartphone users will be able to vote, socially participate in games and make purchases using shared digital displays.

 Commercial and public venues will be able to directly upload brand-lifting content and important real time information onto the cloud based networks.

 Advertisers will access an all new advertising channel which combines mobility, venue geo-location and social interactivity to reach existing and new customers with readily measurable results.

 All of the foregoing activity on the new networks, including private branded captive networks, will be rewarded with real prizes via P4RC’s reward and redemption platform.

Among the many market segments suitable for Audioair, the alliance will initially target the sports bar, restaurant, health club, and casino gaming industries as well as the higher education vertical market, all of which have installed millions of digital screens worldwide.

P4RC will also provide a number of interactive games ready for the casino gaming industry with cross branded rewards programs designed to drive engagement with the Audioair mobile application.

As part of the exclusive partnership, Airborne Media Group will integrate P4RC’s private label reward and redemption platform and community building programs as a critical engagement, retention, and monetization feature of its award winning Audioair® technology and it’s emerging, cloud based interactive networks.

“We intend to bridge the roughly 300 million digital displays mounted in private and public venues worldwide to the increasingly capable Smartphone, moving ever further from its name ” said Cordell Brown, Airborne’s CEO. “For the first time ever mobile device users will be able to listen to muted screens, vote on preferences, interactively game and connect with brick and mortar establishments creating new social communities, and with P4RC’s programs, we will be able to carefully reward this behavior which in turn will drive engagement.” 

“Billions have been spent by businesses and public venues to improve the on premise customer experience or for the dissemination of vital information by investing in hundreds of millions of digital displays, and Audioair is asking mobile device users to change their behavior to fully realize the benefits of that global wide investment” said Michael Rubinelli, P4RC CEO. “This is a true demonstration of disruptive technology and P4RC’s SaaS based platform is being leveraged to drive engagement and reward this changing behavior, as well as create a new behavior. Every time someone uses Audioair or any of its private branded network partners sharing the same cloud based services, they will earn or win something through P4RC.

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About Airborne Media Group, Inc. and Audioair 

Airborne Media Group, Inc. launched in Durango, Colorado in late 2010 with a simple yet powerful idea that a Smartphone could be used to selectively listen to television displays that required their audio output be muted for practical noise considerations. The idea expanded to include other interactive activity between the mobile device and the socially shared screens. The Company has been running pilot locations in a number of commercial venues around the country and has recently gone to market with its commercial product and service suite based on its patented technology. For more information on Airborne Media Group and Audioair visit,, and follow us on Twitter (@audioairnation). 

About P4RC 

P4RC (pronounced park) is a patented SaaS platform that incites loyalty in mobile apps and games. P4RC’s platform is live in more than 400 apps and has been proven to significantly increase user engagement, retention, cross-promotion and monetization. To learn more about P4RC, please visit Follow P4RC on Twitter (@p4rcinc) or Facebook ( The official P4RC app is available at 

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Contacts for Airborne Media Group/Audioair 

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Contacts for P4RC, Inc.

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