Angel Syndication Network



The angel syndication network (ASN) is comprised of prominent angel group leaders who actively engage in collaborating for deal syndication. The angel group leaders are: presidents or syndication chairs. The ultimate strategy is to request each angel group to nominate their best deals to share with other angel groups for syndication. The purpose would be to fill a round, expedite a closing, and save the CEO from extended road shows. The screening sessions are open and viewed by accredited investors from these respective groups. Richard Sudek, Tech Coast Angels’ Syndication Chair originated the effort and currently twenty-one groups make up the ASN.


Geographically – the ASN group leaders are spread as follows ASN represents over 1,500 angels & $1B+ direct investment




Abbreviated ASN workflow

Deal Nomination Prerequisite

  • Angel group lead only allowed to refer deal to ASN
  • Deal has completed DD with the respective group
  • Term Sheet has already been negotiated
  • Angel Group is leading with 25% committed
  • Deal is nearing it’s expected close date
  •  Enough of the round is open for an ASN investment

UCI: COVE – ASN In-Person Screening Location

5141 California Ave #200,
Irvine, CA 92617

Contact: [email protected]