Why become a member? You might think it’s to make money, but for many of us it’s a way to give back to the community, to help build successful companies and to participate in the satisfaction that comes from this involvement. And we hope to make money, too. Membership in the Tech Coast Angels is by invitation and is extended to individuals who share our vision and will actively contribute to our process. Each member is:

  • An accredited investor
  • Proven and has a track record managing and building successful companies either as an entrepreneur or operating executive
  • Experienced in angel investing, leading due diligence, structuring investments, and coaching entrepreneurs
  • Knowledgeable and brings an extensive peer network of domain expertise
  • Connected with contacts for subsequent funding, talent and technology
  • Involved and dedicating significant time and effort to TCA activities, including attendance at dinner meetings and screening sessions, mentoring entrepreneurs and serving on TCA committees
  • Investing in at least two TCA startups each year. The Tech Coast Angels look for investment opportunities where new capital and mentoring will take companies to the next level. TCA intends to materially increase company valuations to result in future capital rounds at increased values and ultimately an attractive exit of our investment.

TCA operates throughout Southern California and organized into five regional networks. Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, Central Coast, and the Inland Empire. Review the information below and apply to become a member!

There are three membership categories:

  • Regular members (for those living in Southern California) —  to apply, click here
  • Virtual members (for those outside Southern California) — for more info, click here and to apply, click here and select “Not Located in SoCal” from the “select chapter” menu.
  • Affiliate members (which include Family Offices, Corporate entities (such as M&A, corporate venture funds), small VCs, and similar organizations) — for more info, click here and to apply, click here and write “Affiliate Membership” with your company name in the “Bio” section

Network Affiliation

Each member is affiliated with the network that covers his or her office or residence. Our members collaborate extensively within and across networks. They are welcome and encouraged to attend any TCA meeting or activity. While deals are processed by the group, TCA members invest as individuals. All members have an opportunity to participate in any member-led investment.

A Group Effort

As a group, TCA members have typically invested in 10-20 new deals per year and an equal number of follow-on rounds. Individual members are expected to invest an average of $50,000 per year, typically two investments of $25,000. While the amount invested by TCA members can vary widely according to economic and market conditions, total investment on new and follow-on deals by TCA members in any given year have averaged $8-9 million annually.

A Private Website

TCA members have access to a private web-site with restricted access which ties networks, members and deal information together. The web-site contains all deal, member and TCA event information. The event calendar has event information on private TCA events public events that would be of interest to TCA members Members can also use the web-site to email other members and RSVP to TCA events. Members interested in a particular deal or topic may elect to receive notices as it pertains to that deal or topic.

Getting Involved

Members develop by getting involved in due diligence teams, mentoring companies and serve on volunteer committees that run the TCA. It is critical that they contribute their domain expertise and general experience to evaluation of potential transactions. The TCA has administrative staff that is available to the membership and entreprenuers that are seeking funding.


TCA has formal Rules of Membership and Conduct (ROMAC), which must be executed before becoming a member. The ROMAC covers rules that are designed to support a businesslike organization. For instance, members are prohibited from receiving any consideration for bringing deals to, or getting funded by TCA or its VC affiliates. Members may not solicit other TCA members for non-TCA deals and are not allowed to use the website for personal announcements not related to TCA. However, members who serve as mentors to a venture that is deemed not ready for TCA are permitted to receive founders’ shares for services rendered, subject to some restrictions. A Board of Governors (BOG) oversees the activities of TCA as a whole, and the individual networks are administered either a Board of Directors or Executive Committee headed by a President, who is automatically a BOG member.

How To Join

Feel free to attend one of our meetings (or virtual meetings) to see if the TCA if right for you. You will want to attend a meeting in your area. To inquire about the schedule of meetings, send us an email at Then fill in the online membership application. Once we get your application we’ll contact you to arrange an interview with our membership committee. You’ll interview us as well and we’re eager to answer any questions


Well, that varies. Successful exits can take several years; it takes time to build a startup. You’ll see failures in your portfolio and they often happen in a year or two. One or two successful exits make up for all the failures, and more. The economy at large has a lot to do with exits, too. During boom years exits came fast and furious, today the climate is more prudent and companies are diligently building value before being acquired. The climate can change quickly. Expect an average startup to grow for 5 or more years before a successful exit.
That amount might be different for each member based on your net worth, but consider starting modestly. As a member you’re asked to invest a minimum of $50,000 per year, that’s typically in the form of two deals at $25k each.
The first step: learn as much about early stage investing as you can. Get to know your fellow members, the accumulated experience and knowledge of the Tech Coast Angels is a great place to start this process. We offer educational seminars on a regular basis, too. Spend time working with a due diligence team; you’ll learn the unique risks of each investment and improve your investment spotting skills. Lastly, diversify. Invest in multiple deals that you feel are of a high quality and spread your risk; it makes intuitive sense and our computer simulations concur.
We receive numerous investment opportunities for review from angel groups across the United States. Our relationship with the venture capital community often gives us early looks at deals from them that fit our investment criteria. TCA also has an excellent relationship with the major economic development agencies in Southern California which are often a referral source of entrepreneurial /investment ideas. All of these sources keep our deal pipeline full which is critical in creating a high quality diversified pool of investments for our members.
  • Opportunity to help young entrepreneurs with advice and capital
  • Full membership in Angel Capital Association – for benefits (click here)
  • Opportunity to participate in TCA pre-screening and screening sessions held every few weeks in each network
  • Monthly lunches/dinners in each network to see presentations of early stage companies seeking investment, as well as socialize with other members
  • Opportunity to lead or participate in due diligence teams, mentor entrepreneurs, and fill board level positions in TCA portfolio companies
  • Access to a wealth of expertise, experience, and contacts of over 300 TCA members all willing to help each other with investment ideas or business advice
  • A mentor program whereby a new angel investor is assigned to an existing member for support
  • Full access to TCA website which contains profiles on all members and documents, descriptions, and due diligence materials on all applicant companies
  • Complimentary or discounted rates at various local events of interest to angel investors
  • Opportunity to invest in promising young companies while having the potential to earn favorable returns (in 2015 there were 58 such opportunities)
  • Opportunity to invest in one of the upcoming ACE Funds, managed by a team of successful angels
  • Access to deal flow
  • Full membership in Angel Capital Association – for benefits (click here)
  • Participation in pre-screening activities for new deals
  • Participation in the Angel Capital Entrepreneur (ACE) funds as developed
  • Access to board members and TCA membership base
  • May attend general membership screening meeting 1X year
  • May participate in special initiatives developed by TCA
  • Invitation to dinner meetings and special TCA events at a 20% discount
  • Participation in the Orange County screening panels, and other network screenings as they become enabled by conferencing and WebEx technology
  • The ability to make investments in startups for economic and financial gain through an exit of the startup
  • To be part of the movement to support entrepreneurship in southern California and by extension, the rest of the country
  • To help existing portfolio companies grow through funding and growth capital
  • The ability to offer the affiliate an opportunity to invest as a “strategic” partner thereby gaining an early understanding in new technology and IP
  • The potential to be involved early on with a startup and have an inside track on potential acquisition as a strategic advantage based on the entity’s objectives
  • A potential opportunity for a board seat depending on funding
  • A potential ability to influence the R&D and execution of the startup plan
  • The potential to work with a startup on their IP and gain other knowledge from the new startup which can be mutually beneficial to both the entity and the startup
  • The opportunity to leverage the expertise of current and new TCA members for due diligence on affiliate deals