Hire for your core. Partner for the rest.

By Dave Berkus, Chairman Emeritus, Tech Coast Angels

A trend for businesses large and small

There is a major trend shaping up that is worldwide, already identified by hundreds of thousands of startup and small business CEO’s.  By carefully recognizing and focusing upon the very core of the business, these CEO’s are allocating their scarce cash resources to hire the best talent they can find to support that core business, and then reaching out to partners, independent contractors, and other small businesses to provide all other functions.… Read the rest

Would you sign a personal guarantee if you have investors?

By Dave Berkus, Chairman Emeritus, Tech Coast Angels

It’s a fact of life that a banker, lender or lessor will ask for a personal guarantee from the founder or entrepreneur most every time. But what if you’ve diluted your interest from 100% to something less than 50%?… Read the rest