What Angels Want to Hear

By David Friedman, VP,  Orange County Tech Coast Angels

At the Meet the Angels event in Irvine, CA last month I had the privilege to talk with many of the 170 would-be entrepreneurs in attendance.  I hosted about 25 of them in a separate breakout session to answer specific questions they had regarding the angel investment process and other activities surrounding building a start-up.… Read the rest

Can you name the two most powerful words for business?

By Dave Berkus, Chairman Emeritus, Tech Coast Angels

Here’s a puzzle where the answer come first.

“Help me.”

Over the years I have heard many stories from entrepreneurs, students, news reporters, even my children, all telling me that they could not get someone’s attention they wanted or needed until they used the words, “Help me.”   The simple request is disarming, enlarging the object of the request to a status of importance in respect to the questioner that is difficult to ignore.… Read the rest