We’d like to congratulate Robert Flynn, Tony Kerrer, and Michael Skerly whose company (Aggregage) Tech Coast Angels recently funded!

Aggregage is a company based in El Segundo, California that has recently been funded by our firm. Here at Tech Coast Angels, we keep our fingers on the pulse of the entrepreneurial community to maintain awareness of any new problems or challenges that may arise, and we look to fund companies who create innovative solutions. Aggregage understands the constant shifts in content marketing and has worked diligently to become an authority in the space of digital media content aggregation. With many businesses struggling to get their message across in the B2B space due to the seemingly unpredictable changes in the digital marketing space, Aggregage knows how to hold a business’s hand through the clutter and get their message to the target audience. For businesses whose primary goal is to get the attention of other businesses, i.e., B2B companies, the problem of figuring out where to put their dollars to receive the desired ROI has become increasingly difficult. This is where Aggregage comes in and makes things easy.

Having already worked with huge companies such as Adobe, it’s fair to say this company knows what it’s doing.

Keep an eye on the progress of Aggregage by checking out their website!