Connect Direct with Your Coach through Edufii

Learning new skills is always an interesting process for both students and teachers. We all know that learning can be a long process, and most of the time, we don’t know where we stand in our journey to expertise. Eduffi has created its Virtual Training Space as a tool for students to stay in touch with their coaches when physical presence is not always possible.

TrainingSpace is an app for mobile devices and computers that acts as a “virtual classroom” in which students can continue gaining insight on their progress and improvements that they have made. According to Edufii, “TrainingSpace’s make it easy to capture technique, drills and lesson recaps using video, pictures and text from in-person lessons. This key information is saved, catalogued and made accessible to Coach, Athlete, and support (ie: parents, friends, teammates) instantly enabling quality practice, consistent motivation and seamless collaboration.”

Edufii is lead by Spencer Dennis, CEO and Co-Founder, and Andrew DeMille, CMO and Co-Founder. Dennis is a 10-year professional golf coach and DeMille has MVP Sales experience with Right Scale and SaaS in addition to being a viral growth marketing consultant. If you have an interest in supporting Edufii coaching efforts, visit them at