Personalized Education 150,000 Students at a Time: Opportunities in Online Learning

 Education has, in many ways, changed very little for 1,000 years. However, suddenly new delivery formats are springing up: from on-demand video education for individuals, to 150,000 person at a time "MOOC" classes. This month the Caltech forum will explore how education is changing rapidly, both in startups and in traditional institutions. Where are the lines between "formal" education and "informal education" and "entertainment" now? What will be the role of the traditional universities in this market? Will they be customers for new content? Competitors? What are the technology gaps and content pain points now? What is working well? Where are the entrepreneurial opportunities? Come to the Forum to hear a wide spectrum of experiences in this rapidly-growing space. (Click on speaker name for bio and / or company name for redirection to website).

Review Presentations

S. George Djorgovski

Professor of Astronomy, Caltech

The Obsolescence of Academia and How to Reinvent It

Artia Moghbel

Founder, Glean.co

The Entrepreneur's View


Hope Kandel

Director, Business Development
Client Events, LearningTimes, LLC

 Learning in Virtual Worlds

Joan Horvath

VP Business Development

Deezmaker 3D Printers
Core Adjunct Faculty
National University

Salomón Dávila

Dean, Career Technical Education

Pasadena City College
When is Online Alone Not Enough?

Program Producers:

Joan Horvath

Goran Matijasevic

Julie-ann Pina


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Sat, 04/12/2014 - 8:00am - 2:00pm





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