TCA FaceTime - A 'Free Talk' Roundtable

Goal: Make starting a company less scary and less lonely.

We will provide practical information and valuable face time to help you during your challenging fund raising startup phase. To make sure you walk away with information that is pertinent to your situation, we will spend most of the time in a ‘free talk’ intimate round table format to address your needs, and with no more than 15 founders/CEOs in each event.
At our next event, you will find out the secrets of TCA member David Cheng’s latest exit, get valuable face time with VC Jon Funk of Ocean Road Partners. We will also walk through the fund raising maze with you and show you how to work with angels and VCs.

This is an invitation-only event.

If you have a game changing idea, we would love to hear from you. Submit an application at www.techcoastangels.com.


Feedback from last event:

1. They all had important information to share and generated lots of questions - so maybe just more time with the speakers for Q&A and sharing of their information. Maybe for our name tags - have each of us do what Barbara suggested - we have to say it in 7 wrords - so each of us define our company in 7 words and that goes on our name badges.
2. It was great, I don't really have anything to add. However, it might be helpful to address the situation of how someone who has taken his idea part way to prototype and has run out of money, how can he get money to help him with his business plan and pitch?
3. I am preparing a memo for Ray on a few ideas. Randy Marks, CEO/Mind Body Partnerships
4. Great event, would be nice to record/take notes
5. I particularly enjoyed knowing that we as CEO’s can actually ask for small funds to get to a working proof of concept product running. And that this is a very effective way to build a good track record with investors by meeting your milestones.
6. Great event overall. It was tough to pick a choice for #3 because they were all valuable. The reason I chose David's story is because entrepreneurs can always use some motivational stories to keep us going through the tougher times. Maybe you would consider doing a series of these events geared towards entrepreneurs at different stages in the funding cycle... something progressive where the topics get more in depth as the events go on. For example, last night would be a great intro to fund raising. You could invite the same group of entrepreneurs from last night for a second or third event for more advanced topics or in depth talk on the issues we talked about from last night. After the intro night (last night) you could have individual, more focused events with each one dedicated to an in depth discussion on various topics: a night dedicated to pitching and deal structure for high net worth individuals, a similar night for angel investors, another focused on VC's and maybe one to talk about using broker dealers. The information last night was very good and I think entrepreneurs could gain a lot if we were able to go more in depth on each of the topics that were touched on last night. Thank you again for a great event.
7. Allow for more Q&A. Stories are great but I really appreciated the straightforward. practical advice. Provide best fundraising practices for various types of business models (ie: SaaS, Ad Supported, Marketplaces etc.) Provide advice for individual next steps. Overall a great roundtable. Would definitely attend again.
8. The open Q&A at the end stretched for an extra hour, which slightly delayed the post-event networking.
9. Manage time allocation for sections more effectively. All great topics, but not enough time was available to them. I also believe Ray's concept of keeping the group together and have it take on some of the resposibility to move forward and continue is great and I would welcome the opportunity to assist. Thank you for an informative evening.
10. (1) More TCA members participation (It was only Paul and Ray). would have been great to get others as well. (2) More tools and benchmarks to help entrepreneurs set the valuation of their company, understand how much equity is worth what? (3) More tools and benchmarks in terms of term sheet, deal terms, legal traps to avoid, etc. (4) and make sure there is always a section dedicated to a real story such as David's one. Listening to the entire real journey of en entrepreneur is hugely enticing, insightful, and motivating.
11. The real life startup experiences that David and Ray talked about today are very helpful. I also like that coach Barbara pointed out common weaknesses with a practice talk. Here is one small suggestion: similar to the practice talk for speech coach, if the TCA members could also point out the strong and weak aspects they feel about that practice talk project, it could help audiences to prepare better on what investors interested most.
12. Great job!

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