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"Tech Coast Angels Open Forum"


Listen to Angels, Investors, Venture Capitalists and Catalysts and what they have to say about investing and being investor ready.  Pitch your business, idea or concept through live video feed and hear feedback from industry veterans.  Ask questions and learn.

Do you have a business idea you want to pitch via live video? Get your camera, microphone, and headset (no speakers please) ready before the show, signup/login and give it a go.  Test your setup before you connect and make sure you don't have any background noise.  You'll have 30 seconds to pitch followed by a short Q&A and feedback.   View a sample 30-second pitch at the bottom of this email and practice your own based on this example.

Hosted by JJ Richa

JJ Richa is an accomplished technology executive with over 20 years of experience in a vast spectrum of the technology industry. Mr. Richa is a results-oriented serial entrepreneur who has demonstrated his strategic, proactive, and creative abilities with the successful start-up and launch of several companies including a SaaS/WaaS technology company for the hospitality industry, an online ecommerce portal for exquisite and unique shoppers, and a custom software development company with main concentration on the financial sector. Mr. Richa is a Managing Director at Trenchant Ventures, LLC - a private equity firm with concentration on distressed business acquisition and restructuring. Mr. Richa holds a Bachelor of Science degree and a Master of Science degree from California State University Long Beach. Mr. Richa is a private equity investor and is a member of Tech Coast Angels. He serves on the board of for-profit in addition to not-for-profit organizations that help start-ups in accelerating business growth and raising capital.

This event is LIVE, ONLINE, and INTERACTIVE every Monday @ 6pm



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Hello, I'm John Doe, Founder of ABC Co.




Can you ever have enough storage on your digital media or can they ever be fast enough?


Our patented blue laser diodes can dramatically increase storage capacity as well as increase transfer speeds.


The market for these components in optical storage and communication exceeds $4.0 billion per year.


We'll tap into this market through licensing, distributors, and direct sales.



Our team has substantial experience producing red diodes.  Our product is already in the market and being used by over 500 paying customers.




To date, we've invested 2 years and $250K of our own and friends and family money. We're seeking $750K to finish our R & D and ramp up sales and marketing efforts.

State your name, title and company name.  A title of "founder" may be a good choice where you don't have any prior experience.


Begin with the problem (pain/need) - from the point of view of your potential customers.


Describe how you are going to do it better, cheaper or faster - in this case it is better and faster.


How big is the market? How many people have this problem and would be willing to buy your product or service?


The revenue model is simple product sales. You may also mention how much of the market you intend to capture (e.g., 5% in 3 years).


The team is often critical (management, management, management as in real estate, location, location, location) - in this case, the team is complete along with market-ready product & paying customers to help seal the deal.


Be sure to tell the listeners what you already put into it (money, sweat equity), how much you need and what you need it for.


Total Time: 30 Seconds

A 30 seconds pitch is the target; we may allow you an additional time to complete your pitch.

Remember to give the investor/judges/listeners enough information to get excited in order to assist you, meet with you or approach you to learn more.  The purpose is not to tell your life story here.  The objective of a so-called elevator pitch is to get you a meeting with a potential investor.  At your first meeting, the objective is to get another meeting and so on until money is offered.

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