For Entrepreneurs

Words of Wisdom:

  • Smiling at success, laughing at failure: Dave Berkus at TEDxOccidentalCollege” a video from a Chairman Emeritus of Tech Coast Angels — click here
  • Interview of Dave Berkus on “What it takes to be an entrepreneur…” : A video from the Frank Peters Show — click here
  • Bill Payne’s Definitive Guide to Raising Money from Angelsclick here
  • Advice from TCA Member Dave Friedman and Mark Skaist of Stradling Yocca Carlson & Rauth on Checklist to avoid 4 major legal bumps in the night for startups — click here
  • Blog post by Ben Horowitz (the Horowitz of Andreessen Horowitz) on the distinction between Angels and Venture Capitalists, and when each is most appropriate — click here.

Advice on Presentations:

  • How to do a fast pitch; Tips from Don Kasle”: a video, a presentation and a checklist from Don Kasle, Chairman Emeritus of Tech Coast Angels — click here
  • “Prescreening Presentation Guidelines”: 19 page presentation from Tech Coast Angels on tips for what you should cover,  how the deck should look, and what should be in supplemental slides — click here
  • Presentation Tips from Keiretsu Forum — click here

Being Knowledgable About Term Sheets

  • Model Preferred Equity Term Sheet from Tech Coast Angels and Pasadena Angels — click here
  • TCA sample term sheet for preferred equity — click here
  • TCA sample term sheet for convertible note — click here
  • TCA term sheet definitions — click here
  • Presentation Materials on “The Great Convertible Note Debate – What Angels Need to Know” at the 2016 Angel Capital Association Summit by John Huston (Ohio TechAngels, David Sorin (McCarter & English) and Annarie Lyles (Jumpstart New Jersey Angel Network
    • Presentation — click here
    • Is it Wiser to Buy Convertible Notes or Preferred Stock — click here
    • Advantages and Disadvantages of Convertible Notes — click here
    • Term Sheet Checklist for Notes — click here
    • Convertible Note Glossary — click here

Books on Entrepreneurship:

  • The Startup Checklist: 25 Steps to a Scalable, High-Growth Business by David Rose.  This book provides the concrete steps about the ins and outs of startup execution, management, legal issues, and practical processes throughout the launch and growth phases, and how to avoid the critical missteps that threaten the foundation of your business — click here
  • Tomorrow Toolkit, a 20,000 word, 20-chapter ebook free from offers best practices from startup leaders in cities around the country on starting and scaling a young company in today’s highly collaborative startup environment. — click here

List of Sources of Early Stage Capital in Southern California

  • For a list of known firms and individuals with a home base or whose investment focus includes Southern California,  click here. The list includes Accelerators, Angels, Corporate VCs, Family Offices, Hedge Funds, Seed Funds and Traditional VCs.

Resources available on other websites:

  • Angel Capital Association: ACA is the North American professional association of active accredited investors provides unparalleled access to trending ideas and professional knowledge to help improve returns and promote effective public policies for angels and startups. Although not a funding source, ACA provides entrepreneurs an inside view into how angels think. for their Resources page, click here
  • TriTech SBDC: TriTech’s Small Business Development Center (Orange County and Inland Empire) offers one-on-one consulting in areas such as identifying capital, startup assistance, commercializing new technologies, marketing products/services and management.  For TriTech’s Resources page, click here.
  • Octane’s Launchpad SBDC: Octane’s Launchpad Small Business Development Center (Orange County) provides business guidance and creates access to capital growth resources through its network of investors, companies, subject matter advisors, and academics. For Octane’s website, click here.
  • Central Texas Angels Network resources page — click here
  • Houston Angel Network resources page – click here
  • New York Angels resources page — click here
  • Wisconsin Investment Partners resources page — click here
  • Maine Angels resources — click here