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Why Should I Choose TCA to Fund My Company?

Tech Coast Angels is a catalyst in helping build Southern California’s economy

TCA makes it a priority to empower the entrepreneur to accomplish their goals by utilizing our core asset: our nearly 300 members with vast expertise across numerous industries. TCA will also be an effective ambassador for your company on the path to successe.


Tech Coast Angels is a catalyst in helping build Southern California’s economy into a thriving center of technology and entrepreneurship. Our members are very active in the entrepreneurial community, attending and participating in conferences, networking events, entrepreneurial competitions and other venture capital events. Our relationships with the major colleges and universities in Southern California provide us both access to potential commercialization opportunities and expertise that is invaluable as we analyze potential investments.

We empower the entrepreneur to accomplish their goals

Tech Coast Angels is ever-mindful that some of the world’s greatest companies began with angel investments and we take our commitment to that tradition seriously. TCA members collaborate with each other on due diligence and then make individual decisions regarding potential investments. Not limited to the technology industry, our members invest in exciting companies in a wide range of industries including biotech, consumer products, Internet, IT, life sciences, media, software and environmental, among others. TCA is a not-for-profit organizationg.