Making Things Last with Apeel Sciences

 We at Tech Coast Angels believe in preserving only the best and most vivacious of companies, and preservation is the business of Apeel Sciences. Headed up by James Rogers, this life sciences company has created a preserving agent that is tasteless and edible. This compound is to be applied to produce and plant life such as freshly cut flowers. Successful testing in local growing environments shows great promise for the future of Apeel Sciences.

The rest of the Santa Barbara management team at Apeel Sciences has just as impressive resumes as Rogers himself, who is in fact a PhD in Materials. Management includes Jenny Du (PhD in Chemistry), the company’s Director of Extraction Engineering. The team also includes Brian Stahl, Director of Deposition Engineering, and Louis Perez, Director of Formulation Engineering, both with PhD’s in Materials of their own.

Target markets for Apeel Sciences’ new preservation agent will be the fresh lettuce and freshly cut flower industries, and have shown great promise for both. Their exit plan includes partnering with large chemical providers to make the preservation agent more scalable in larger markets. If you are interested in finding out more about Apeel Sciences, check them out at