By Noela Tuquero, TCA Marketing

Joshua Liu is the founder and CEO of SeamlessMD, a SaaS company helping top healthcare systems engage, monitor, and stay connected with their patients throughout the pre and post-car process (e.g. pre/post-surgery, oncology, maternity care, etc.). SeamlessMD’s fully integrated patient engagement platform digitizes the patient healthcare journey, making it easier for patients to stay informed and complete their post-care instructions. Customers have reported up to $8,000 in cost savings and a 45% to 72% decline in readmissions. With these benefits, it is clear why many healthcare systems have adopted SeamlessMD.

SeamlessMD Adopted by Healthcare Systems Across America and Canada

Many have tried and failed to implement software solutions in the healthcare industry. This is why SeamlessMD’s extensive list of customers is so impressive.

  • SeamlessMD serves some of the largest healthcare systems in North America, most notably:

  • Atrium Health, which serves patients in NC, SC, GA, and AL with 40 hospitals and over 1,400 care locations.

  • Stanford Medicine, which serves the U.S. Western region with more than 85 locations.

  • William Osler Health System, which serves nearly 1.3 million patients annually in Ontario, Canada.

In today’s ‘How Did You Do It?’, we sat down with Liu to hear how he overcame the barriers to adoption that software platforms typically face in the healthcare industry.

How Did He Do It?

Whereas other companies tend to differentiate through tech, SeamlessMD differentiated based on its go-to-market strategy. Coming from clinical backgrounds, Liu and his team knew that doctors would be unlikely to use SeamlessMD without clinical evidence proving the platform’s benefits. Furthermore, they knew that if the platform didn’t seamlessly integrate with a doctor’s existing workflow, there would be resistance to adoption. Therefore, the company focused on being leaders in 2 key areas: clinical evidence and Electronic Health Record (EHR) integration.

“In healthcare, the tech is the relatively easy part,” says Liu. “It’s not so much a technology development issue, but rather an overcome adoption barriers one.”

SeamlessMD is now the industry leader in clinical evidence, with over 35 independent studies and evaluations proving that the platform leads to better outcomes at lower costs. The company is also the only provider with turnkey integration for the top 3 EHR systems: Epic Systems, Cerner, and Meditech. To achieve these partnerships, SeamlessMD leveraged its high customer satisfaction and gained the support of key customers who recommended and advocated for the integration.

“If you do not have a customer advocating for the integration, and not just any customer, a key customer to the EHR vendor, EHR vendors are not going to care,” says Liu.

With these two differentiating factors, SeamlessMD was able to break the barriers to adoption and become the leading patient healthcare journey platform.

A Note from Joshua Liu:

If you have connections to health systems or hospitals, forward-thinking physicians, or hospital administrators, learn how SeamlessMD can transform the patient healthcare journey.

Contact Joshua Liu on LinkedIn: @JoshuaLiu.

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