BeJane is an online neighborhood where women of all ages and DIY skill levels can find the inspiration, information and encouragement to change their homes.  So we created a dynamic community for all women, be they beginners who have never picked up hammers, weekend do-it-herselfers, or professionals in the industry.
Be Jane offers an ever expanding range of home improvement articles, tips and tricks, videos, tutorials and how-to guides. We’re here as a resource for you to turn to whether you’re in the planning stage or knee-deep in plaster and having an “Ai yai yai, what have I done?!” moment (and trust us, we’ve been there).
What differentiates us from other DIY sites is our focus on home improvement from a woman’s perspective. No, that doesn’t mean that we’re all about pink. It means that we not only show you the “how-to” that gets the project done in a way that’s relatable and easy to follow, but we also focus on how that project will enhance your life—or, what we like to call the “why-to.”