Project Description

Brainrush is High-Velocity Game-Based Learning, by enabling Adaptive Learning Games. Games have an amazing ability to capture and hold our attention. They are also an exceptionally effective way to learn. Our Adaptive Practice technology applies the science of learning to every BrainRush.
What you learn depends entirely on where your mind is focused. That’s why games are so awesome – they keep you thinking about what you need to learn, and not about what’s for lunch. Traditional learning is often passive, but our games keep you focused because they force you to act, and then react, based on the response you receive. Learning by doing is more fun, more engaging, and a lot more effective. Every time you act, our games learn a little about what you know, and then adapt to match your skill. This keeps you in that sweet spot – not too easy and not too hard – where learning is optimized. When you are engaged in that learning sweet spot, you’ll quickly find yourself in a state of flow. Side effects may include losing track of time, exclamations of “Eureka!”, and a profound sense of accomplishment. Making sure you master what you’re doing before you move on is a key principle behind our games. Our algorithms reintroduce material until you reach 100% mastery, and trust us, you’ll be there before you know it. Soon we will alert you when it’s time to review certain concepts. That way the learning stays in your brain, unlike that test you crammed for last week.