Connected Signals (originally, Green Driver) is a high-tech startup, focused on providing traffic signal state and predictions to drivers, automakers, and others.

Our engineers have developed sophisticated techniques to predict upcoming signal states. Knowing the current state of traffic lights and how they will change creates opportunities to increase driving safetyincrease fuel efficiency, reduce your driving time and improve the driving experience. Applications range from EnLighten, which tells drivers when the light they are stopped at will turn green, to vehicle powertrain optimization based on the state of upcoming lights.

Safety is our number one priority.

We alert drivers to possible dangers without distracting them. For example, EnLighten tells drivers stopped at red lights whether they have time to catch their breath for a few seconds, change the radio station, or pick up the papers that fell on the floor. EnLighten waits until the car stops, so the driver is not distracted, then announces how long the light will be red and gives a visual countdown. A few seconds before the light turns green, an alert sounds to tell the driver to focus on to the road. Another service we are developing warns drivers when they, or another connected vehicle, are about to run a red light.

We partner with municipalities, handling the complexities of gathering real-time signal data and making it available in consistent formats for a variety of uses. Unlike other connected-vehicle technologies, our approach requires neither costly municipal infrastructure investments nor the addition of dedicated hardware to every vehicle. We communicate securely with existing traffic-signal infrastructure, and handle translation of different manufacturers’ signal data to a common format.