Doctible enables patients to find affordable & quality healthcare.
Since 2013, we have been busy building the most efficient and trusted resource for finding quality providers and exposing healthcare costs. The idea for Doctible started when our founder Ajit injured his knee and received a $1,300 bill for a MRI, despite having health insurance. Confused if he was being overcharged or not, he starting calling providers and found that the same MRI would have cost him $450 if he paid cash. Realizing how hard it was to find trusted providers and cost information, the concept of Doctible was born.
Doctible recruits the best providers in your neighborhood who publish their profiles, patient reviews, services and most importantly their rates. Doctible is the first cash-based healthcare network of its kind. Anyone can use the website to search for providers based on location, quality ratings, insurance plans accepted and prices they charge. We also enable you to easily book an appointment online. No phone calls and no waiting on hold! At Doctible, we work hard every day to help you find the right provider to take care of your healthcare needs.