Emerald Logic solves “Big Data” hyper-dimensional analytic problems in personalized medicine, predictive healthcare, diagnostics and biotech.  Our Fast Collective Evolution Technology (FACET) combines biological and mathematical principles to answer billion-dollar questions that elude statistics, business intelligence, and traditional AI methods.
No Black Boxes: Many AI methods take too long to train and are black boxes. These characteristics make them vulnerable to failures without advance warning, and cannot provide insight into the nature of the solutions. Emerald Logic is an algorithm factory that can produce tiny software programs in both human readable and executable forms.
Finding Hidden Answers: Solutions to billion dollar problems are often hidden in complex, nonlinear relationships. Challenges in healthcare, finance, and defense have outrun business intelligence, statistics, and AI methods. Our FACET engine paradoxically ignores most of the haystack to find a needle, radically reducing solving time and costs.
Math for the Real World: Engineers and finance quants often have to make simplifying assumptions to make intractable problems solvable, but real-world performance suffers. Instead, Emerald Logic samples the solution space with random bits of math, then guides and integrates them into optimal solutions. This simultaneously finds both the structure and parameters of formerly unknown solutions.
Parallel Agent Search: Dandelion seeds spread by wind. Some take hold in fertile areas, then reproduce again. What starts randomly ends up efficiently finding the best areas to thrive. Our FACET engine produces many tiny software seeds that randomly sample a hyper-dimensional solution space. Some are closer to the ideal solution than others, and survive to evolve to optimality..