Project Description

The technology goal and approach at Enmotus was simple: enable SSDs to be easily added to today’s computer and storage systems with as little disruption as possible, and without sacrificing any of the SSD’s performance or longevity. The focus is on Intel compatible computers and open storage systems, both of which utilize off the shelf operating systems.
Since the company was founded the focus has been on developing a novel approach to SSD-HDD hybridization that has since expanded to include SSD-SSD hybridization also. Rather than attempt to adapt classic caching techniques from the CPU and random access worlds, the team focused on how data is actually used in most computer systems, how storage systems are evolving and changing, and finally how tomorrows high performance SSDs can maintain their maximum system level performance without sacrificing usable capacity. This cumulated in the development of two key pieces of technology: Storage MicroVirtualization™ and MicroTiering™.