Glassbeam was born in 2009 with a clear mission of “helping product companies make sense of complex machine data collected from connected devices”. Those were the early days of machine data analytics. Internet of Things (IoT) was not yet a mainstream trend by any stretch of imagination. However, Glassbeam founding team came from a rich background of working in leading storage networking companies such as NetApp and Brocade that were pioneers in uncovering the hidden potential in call home and phone home log data. The team had the fundamental belief that any high technology machine, system, or device, whether located in a data center or outside, such as storage, servers, MRI, CT Scan, CNC machines, industrial robots, etc will increasingly be connected to their manufacturer home base. These complex logs, if parsed and analyzed the right way, would have immense business and operational value for support, services, engineering, sales and marketing groups in these organizations.
And thus Glassbeam was born with that premise – to create a generic cloud based platform that could ingest, parse, structure and analyze this complex machine data and provide cross functional application use cases for end users within the ever-expanding ecosystem of a product manufacturer.