Approximately 2.4 million diabetic foot ulcers are diagnosed each year in the U.S, many progressing to lower limb amputation. It is estimated that the U.S. healthcare costs for treating diabetic foot ulcers and related amputations exceed $10 billion per year.
Treating diabetic foot ulcers that have continually failed standard care therapies is a frustrating problem. CureCare has been developing and testing a treatment therapy system, O2Misly™, which actually heals these, failed wounds.
CureCare has been conducting an IRB approved study using O2Misly™ on chronic diabetic foot ulcer patients at two clinics in southern California. O2Misly™ technology is a new method, a medical device that offers a combination, adjunctive therapy to the standard of care. O2Misly™ provides oxygen infused under micro tension in a closed chamber blended with a mist, which also delivers an antimicrobial to the affected area.
O2Misly™ technology is producing remarkable results. Patients that had failed various standard of care therapies and have had open wounds for years are seeing their wounds finally heal. CureCare Technologies, Inc. is excited to bring the O2Misly™ Wound Treatment System to a patient population that has faced the consequences of a debilitating disease with little hope of winning their battle.