Monitor Mask is a Seattle, Washington medical device company founded with the mission of selling the best capnography oxygen face masks to increase patient safety and streamline workflows. In the operating room, one third of the cases are sedation anesthesia as opposed to general anesthesia. When patients are given sedation anesthesia, the anesthesiologist applies a face mask to dispense supplemental oxygen and measure the carbon dioxide in a person’s breath, which is referred to as capnography. A change in these measurements may require immediate intervention, as such patients are at risk for respiratory depression. For this reason, anesthesiologists are mandated to monitor capnography. However, the market lacks optimized face masks that provide accurate capnography sampling capabilities. Frustrated with shortcomings of available options, the founder of Monitor Mask, a practicing anesthesiologist, developed the CapnoVue® family of face masks. Their design provides an easy to use, reliable and consistent means for meeting today’s clinical needs. It can be applied in virtually any patient position or procedural setting. Overall, Monitor Mask is a growing medical device company with FDA “approved” products, ten issued patents, trained sales force partner Salter Labs and growing & recurring sales to leading hospitals across the country. The company’s Board of Directors recently adopted a goal to exit in 1-2 years at > $30M.  This is virtually unheard of for a medical device company with growing sales.