NearWoo allows any business, agency or brand to create hyper-targeted mobile campaigns in ten minutes or less. Our self-serve dashboard is unique to the industry and our automated rich media ad creator generates high-performance ads and implements optimization in real-time. NearWoo’s analytics are both transparent and informative our results platform produces a complete breakdown of engagement by demographic and neighborhood. Our analytics API makes it simple to incorporate NearWoo’s performance data into any unique reporting a client may require. Today’s sophisticated, digital orientated agencies require unique data to win new business and execute on big ideas and creative visions.
Our patent-pending, hyperlocal, targeting technology, uses contiguous polygons based on population density, powering our sophisticated and results-driven mobile ad platform. Built in conjunction with Google’s key engineering teams, NearWoo is the first company (and so far the only company) to gain access to Google’s AdX ad inventory at a sub-zip code level.
NearWoo has access to over 20 billion hyperlocal monthly impressions through AdX as well as all the other major exchanges such as MoPub, Smaato and Nexage. This gives our advertisers access to superior ad placement and hyperlocal scale beyond comparison.