ieCrowd’s Olfactor Laboratories, Inc. (OLI) is developing multiple patent-pending technologies for use in future products and product platforms, utilizing a breakthrough discovery that enables the impairment of CO2-receptor pathways of mosquitoes and other blood-host seeking insects. Host-seeking insects use CO2 as their primary method for tracking humans.  At OLI, we are building a world-class lab and the team we will need to fulfill our vision of developing new solutions that will help to dramatically reduce suffering from deadly, insect-borne diseases around the world. KiteTM, our first family of product candidates, represents a range of potential future products being built upon our scientific breakthrough. The patent-pending technologies are designed for multiple market segments – global health, personal, home and garden, public health companion animals, and vector and agricultural control. Future Kite products target a $20 billion market and we believe represent a significant business opportunity for market partners.  – See more at: