One Stop Systems, a leading manufacturer of industrial-grade computing systems and components, now leads the industry in introducing its line of PCI Express-based products. This latest architecture is revolutionizing the computing industry by increasing the bus speed up to 16 times faster than 64-bit PCI and 80 times faster than Gigabit Ethernet. One Stop Systems has been instrumental in defining PCI Express in industrial computers and introducing its MAX Express product line.

Large product offering
One Stop Systems began with the vision to offer everything necessary to build complete CompactPCI systems. Since then we’ve expanded our offering to include passive backplane, VME, and custom and proprietary bus structures. Today we offer over 400 standard products.

Talented engineering team
Armed with a thriving design staff of over a dozen engineers, we consistently produce innovative designs that meet our customers’ requirements. Our talented electrical and mechanical engineers use SolidWorks for mechanical design, Orcad for schematic, and PADS for board design and layout.

Standard and semi-custom systems
We have an established line of standard enclosures, backplane, single board computers, IO boards, and system monitors. These include enterprise-class and carrier-class products and convection and conduction cooled equipment. We often use these standard products to produce semi-custom products to best meet our customers’ requirements. These customers often procure these products over time with scheduled deliveries through various innovative business agreements.

Custom products
For our customers who require computing systems that don’t follow conventional architectures or which have exceptional requirements, we provide quick-turn prototyping and on-time production. We often turn prototypes or first articles for a completely new design in six weeks and then turn production volumes in three weeks. That’s nine weeks from inception to market for your products.