PetPlay sells Natural pet food and pet treats under the Petite Cuisine and Jake’s brands. PetPlay’s mission is to provide the best quality natural pet foods and treats that pet owners can buy. We source our ingredients carefully and with the thought to the environment and the safety of the pet. Our products are dolphin safe, non GMO (Genetically Modified Organism), and for the most part grain free unless required by our nutritionist or by law. We believe that ingredients such as tuna should be harvested in a conscientious manner with as much thought towards sustainability as towards economics. We never compromise on safety of our products and the safety of the pet because we know that this is a sacred trust that we are given by the pet owner. Success is measured not by sales but by the letters and calls we get from happy and satisfied pet owners. The relationship between the pet and pet owner will be enhanced by the use of our products. The health of the pet is always our paramount concern and is reflected in our choice of ingredients and processing methods.