Q3DM is a provider of innovative products and services in high throughput microscopy.Q3DM (Quantitative 3-Dimensional Microscopy) provides HTM platforms and
optimized assays that are focused on alleviating bottlenecks in the drug
discovery and development process. These inefficiencies, together with the
vast amount of information pouring out of the human genome project, demand
drastic changes in the traditional, labor intensive, cellular analysis
process. Drug-protein interaction tests are being replaced by drug-cell
population interaction tests, to provide superior information on drug induced
cellular responses. This process lacks optimized assays, automated cellular
imaging and data analysis tools with sufficient throughput to satisfy the
demands of the rapidly evolving drug discovery and development environment.
Q3DM’s patented technologies include software and hardware for: high speed
sub-micron autofocus, cellular image analysis, fluorescence light source
stabilization, and image data management. These novel technologies directly
attack long-standing constraints in automated microscopy and quantitative
cellular image analysis.