RegeneMed accelerates the development of safer, more effective drugs by providing integrated high throughput platforms incorporating engineered human tissue-based assays. Our patented, proprietary, core technologies enable in vitro growth of engineered human tissues, including liver, GI tract, bone marrow, blood-brain barrier, cardiovascular and neuronal. The first and critical application of these tissue-based in vitro model systems is to replace cell-based assays and animal testing to debottleneck ADME/Tox evaluation, the leading cause of drug failures facing the  pharmaceutical industry. RegeneMed tissue technologies are off-the-shelf available, scalable, reproducible and specific and designed to provide normal, diseased and polymorphic tissues. Additional applications include drug discovery platforms (cancer and antiviral), biosensors (chem/biowarfare), diagnostics, medical devices (extracorporeal devices) and tissue implants.
RegeneMed provides 3-D human and animal liver tissue co-cultures, industry-standard monolayer cell-based products from the same donor for comparison, stem cells and 3-D tissue derived from stem cells, specialized tissue and stem cell media, customized reagents for drug discovery, and contract testing services for ADMET and efficacy assessment in drug discovery.