ShareDesk is an online platform for flexible workspaces. Our platform makes it easy for mobile professionals to discover spaces and book them under flexible terms – per hour, per day, or per month.
On the same note, ShareDesk helps companies rent out, and manage their available spaces. There are over 1,500 companies using ShareDesk in all corners of the world. If you have unused space in your corporate office, coworking space, business center, incubator, or studio you’ll be able to rent it to mobile professionals and knowledge-based employees. The platform gives you complete flexibility in how you list your space and helps you manage the entire process. Also, ShareDesk provides key utilities for search, verification, payment, communication, and reviews.
ShareDesk is now introducing Optix, an application to provide tailored workplace mobility solutions for enterprise companies. This allows companies to access a global network of workplaces to leverage the benefits of flexible workplace programs, and utilize their corporate real estate more efficiently.
Thousands of professionals use ShareDesk each month to discover and book spaces. Work where you want, and with the people you want. ShareDesk makes it easy and exciting to discover unique workplaces around the world to work, meet, and collaborate with like-minded professionals.