The SleepSafe™ Drivers program is designed specifically for employees in risk-sensitive jobs or with challenging work schedules. Offered as a complete solution, it allows them to be diagnosed and treated for sleep apnea in a confidential, convenient and cost effective manner. Our management team has unparalleled experience and expertise in ambulatory testing, high-compliance treatment products and protocols, and a strong network with the nation’s leading sleep labs, sleep physicians, and Durable Medical Equipment (DME) providers.
Our specialized program is logistically efficient and effective, in complete contrast to the 50% failure rate delivered by traditional insurance programs. We understand the need to minimize downtime and deliver 90%+ success in treatment compliance. Through our proprietary Sleepsafe On-Site™ testing and Sure-Compliance™ programs, most drivers can get tested overnight, have the results and prescription in the morning, and then get fully set-up and extensively coached and trained on their APAP device that same day.