At Solulink, we develop high-performance products that link biomolecules together. Our continuous efforts in new product development and service offerings enable you to remain at the forefront of advanced bioscience research.
Our products are developed with you in mind. As we refine our products and develop new ones, we continue to link up with researchers to help guide our development. Milestones such as the NanoLink™ or MagnaLink™ Streptavidin Magnetic Beads with the highest available binding capacity, ChromaLink™ Antibody Labeling Kit and the antibody-oligo conjugation versions of our kits represent our commitment to consistently providing innovative products to meet the changing needs of our customers.
We are continually adding more user-friendly features to our linker capability and kits. We are now the first company offering complete antibody labeling kits with purification included. And we are developing more exciting new conjugation kits, all based on the same successful product ideals: Versatile products that are easy to use, quantitative and affordable.
Bioconjugation technologies, enabling the linking of biomolecules to reporters, surfaces, or other biomolecules, constitute a key tool kit enabling many classes of reagents which power modern biotechnologies such as flow cytometry, immunohistochemistry (“IHC”), Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay (“ELISA”), Western blotting, next generation sequencing, gene expression microarrays, bead-based cell isolation and multiplexed assays, and bioactive surfaces. But even as biotechnology’s need for higher-performance conjugation chemistries grows ever greater, bio-linking technologies have largely stagnated following the introductions of the unstable and unreliable streptavidin/biotin and maleimide chemistries for protein conjugation in the 1960s.