Clinical Maestro™ by Strategikon Pharma is the only commercially available software platform for the end- to- end management of “clinical business operations”, which is the pharmaceutical industry vertical for planning, outsourcing and budgeting clinical trials. Biopharmaceutical companies outsource 90% of their clinical development pipeline spending billions of dollars engaging in highly complex outsourced relationships with thousands of global service providers, each using their own processes, systems and reporting structures. These sophisticated relationships require complex outsourcing strategies, demanding clinical financial planning, extensive sourcing due diligence and rigorous performance management. Currently the industry manages these activities in Excel, using labor intensive, inefficient processes, costing billions of dollars in infrastructure costs, regulatory non-compliance fines and delays to market. Clinical Maestro takes a radically different approach to the management of clinical portfolio through a transformative redesign of Excel-driven processes into end-to-end integrated workflows, breaking the communication and data integration siloes between pharma companies and their outsourcing partners. Clinical Maestro™ cases studies with leading pharmaceutical companies and CROs demonstrate savings of >75% vs. manual processes, >95% prediction accuracy for clinical study budgets and high user satisfaction and engagement.