The Bouts Company is an online florist.
We think of ourselves as a company, rather than a corporation. You know how you have company over to hang out, chat and have fun? That’s us. We’re company. We just so happen to be solving a problem while we’re enjoying that company, and that problem is the customer experience when ordering flowers.
In short, prior to us, buying flowers online SUCKED. No more! We don’t believe it’s necessary to build tricks or half-truths into a customer experience to get someone to buy a product. Maybe that used to be the case, but with us it will never be. We believe we can be straightforward and honest and still build a really great business. Being good to the customer is not antithetical to financial success. The two are, actually, best friends.
We think of our customers as friends. Think about it: giving the gift of flowers is kind. It’s nice. It’s thoughtful. We like people that are these things – and that’s what you’re here to do. We love that! We will treat you as part of the family in every way we possibly can, and we will help you show love to those around you through flowers.
Love. An easy word to throw around. But we honestly love this stuff. Building something new. Changing the way something is done. Maybe we’re not changing the world, but we’re making it easier for you to send a meaningful message via flowers. And that’s pretty cool.
Flowers have always been about the recipient. What should I get for them? What’s her favorite color? What type might he like? And that’s wildly important! But what about you, the buyer? How about a shopping experience that isn’t confusing, that doesn’t use 99 cent endings to imply things are cheaper than they are (the ‘research’ be damned, we know our customers are smarter than that!), that doesn’t advertise one price, and have you end up paying double? How about 3 steps to order rather than 12? How about a shopping experience designed for the buyer?
The flowers are, in fact, better. For them. And the shopping experience is so much better it’s not even close. For you.
By the way, our goal isn’t to deliver good flowers. How about amazing flowers? Fresher flowers. Brighter. Affordable. Easy to order. Longer-lasting. Flowers from farms that treat the environment and their workers with care and respect? Yep, sounds good to us too.
Honestly though, when you get down to it, we’re not in the business of flowers. We’re in the business of helping you to be the best husband/boyfriend/son/daughter/brother/friend/cousin/colleague/whatever you can possibly be. And we’re gonna make it easy on you.