Unlicensed Chimp Technology transforms a Message to an Experience. Millennials are not interested in just seeing, hearing or imagining your brand or message. They want to experience it for themselves. They want to be it.

Brands used to connect with consumers using words, pictures, songs and emotional hooks. Things have changed. No matter how visually stunning, humorously clever or powerfully emotional your message is, it is getting lost.
UCT provides what millennials want: A fully immersive experience. UCT seamlessly weaves a sponsor’s message and story into events, wherever people congregate to share a communal adventure in Sports, Music and Festivals.
Participants walk away with excitement, stories and memories that they will continue to share – Memories of the event, the experience, the community – and with new feelings about the sponsor who provided it.
UCT technologies and solutions offer a bold new choice for sponsors who want to resonate with millennials and other desired demographics.