Advanced Monitors

Advanced Monitors Corporation designs and manufactures innovative diagnostic products for animals. For the veterinary market, the Company's product line includes thermometers, otoscopes and endoscopes. For the consumer market, the Company's product line includes thermometers and health kits. For the equine veterinary market, the Company manufactures an Equine Exercise Endoscope.

The Vet-Temp® and Pet-Temp® Instant Ear Thermometers™ make it easy to monitor a pet's health in seconds. Both of these products measure infrared heat waves emanated from an animal's eardrum region to provide an accurate reading of 'core' body temperature in one second. These products are the only ear thermometers that have been clinically proven accurate for companion animals. They work effectively on dogs, cats, puppies, kittens, rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets and chinchillas. The Pet-Temp® Health Kits™ are value priced packages that include a collection of the most commonly used pet health products.

The Tele-View® Wireless Otoscope™ and Wireless Endoscope are novel products that allow the veterinary professional to display and magnify patient pathology on any TV or computer. These devices are quick and easy to use without the hassle of being connected by a wire. They can be instrumental in providing client education as well as increasing client compliance.

The Tele-View® Equine Exercise Endoscope is an innovative harness mounted endoscopy system that allows equine practitioners to view upper airway restriction problems during a normal workout. This product is easy to attach to the horse and is worn during the standard training session. It does not require any rider input and saves the video to a SD card that can be easily viewed on any computer after the workout.

If you would like more information or have questions about AMC's innovative products, please contact AMC's Customer Service at 877-838-8367 x102 or at 858-536-8237 x102.