Advanced Tech

Advanced Monitors

Advanced Monitors Corporation designs and manufactures innovative diagnostic products for animals. For the veterinary market, the Company's product line includes thermometers, otoscopes and endoscopes. For the consumer market, the Company's product line includes thermometers and health kits. For the equine veterinary market, the Company manufactures an Equine Exercise Endoscope.


Airborne 1 is the offspring of a consulting engagement with the Center for Technological Innovation, a joint venture between the National Oceanographic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and IC2, the premier business incubator and technology transfer program in the United States. The goal was simple: by taking lessons learned from NASA's very successful Tech Transfer program, the sister agency NOAA had a successful model to follow. Our contract called for us to explore the commercialization of LiDAR.


Cargo Tech is leading the charge to bring local cartage and freight handling into the 21st century. Committed to using the latest technology to streamline the operations of Cargo Tech and our customers.

Don’t waste time on the phone or wait for faxed copies of P.O.D.’s.Reduce your operating costs by using this website to become more efficient. Cargo Tech can provide an invoice complete with costs and a typed P.O.D. through this website.

Ceyx Technologies - VC funded by Shepherd Ventures

CEYX® (pronounced “say-ex”) is the leading provider of software-enabled control systems for light emitting devices. CEYX designs, develops and markets embedded firmware for use in optical transceivers for communications networks, liquid crystal display (LCD) backlights for products such as large-format TV screens, light emitting diode (LED) devices such as LED arrays, and specialized optical devices such as optical sensors and military laser applications.



Our focus is our strength. By concentrating on the electronic delivery, management, and analysis of student academic records, Docufide has evolved over five years to earn the trust and recognition of K-12 schools, colleges, and state education agencies as their most secure and reliable resource. Tens of thousands of students and their parents have also entrusted us – to simplify an essential...