Airborne 1 is the offspring of a consulting engagement with the Center for Technological Innovation, a joint venture between the National Oceanographic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and IC2, the premier business incubator and technology transfer program in the United States. The goal was simple: by taking lessons learned from NASA's very successful Tech Transfer program, the sister agency NOAA had a successful model to follow. Our contract called for us to explore the commercialization of LiDAR. With thousands of sites and tens of millions of acres collected and processed, we're well on our way to fulfilling our plans for a national rollout.

Our Customers are firms from around the globe who create and/or solicit for topographic maps and data. Map creators include Land Surveying firms, as well as Photogrammetry, Civil Engineering, Utility, Construction, and Cartographic service providers. In addition, there are numerous agencies at all levels of government active in the field, as well as a variety of end-users capable of ingesting LiDAR data, including mining, forestry, oil & gas, utilities, and telecommunications.

Our Customers are as excited as we are about the benefits of LiDAR. These are discussed in detail in the section, Why Airborne 1. It won’t take long for you to see why 30 years and many tens of millions of dollars have been invested in LiDAR.

We believe that our relationships with strategic partners are critically important to our success. One of the great challenges in mounting a successful laser mapping effort is the cross-functional complexity of many normally unrelated activities. Our approach has been to align with the best-in-class for each of the critical disciplines.

We are currently building relationships with selected firms in a wide variety of function areas. If you or your firm might be interested in joining us on our journey, we'd like to talk to you.