With unsurpassed customer support, and a genuine dedication to delivering on time, on budget and on spec, as well as ongoing innovations to its offerings delivering not only features but usability, Akiva is a leader in the community and collaboration space. We pride ourselves on our ability to listen to our customers’ needs, to work with their community and collaboration leaders, and to develop a solution that works specifically for them using our platform technology – from design to installation to implementation to support.
As a result, Akiva has enabled government agencies, major universities, and Fortune 1000 corporations to seamlessly connect employees, suppliers, management and customers. Why? Not only does this facilitate work group collaboration and project management, but also because no good idea – wherever its source – should ever be lost.
Akiva has also worked with some of the world’s leading advertising agencies, marketing firms and consumer brands to design, build and host custom communities delivering and enabling massive user feedback and participation – and adding something we like to call “stickiness” to their online properties. These collaboration solutions are the backbone technologies behind many of today's most successful online communities.
We also provide top-notch professional services and open collaboration enterprise solutions for financial, health, government and educational clients. No project involving integrating your database with our community and collaboration solutions is out of reach.