Cost of computing. Angstrom strives to reduce computing costs in large data centers. By developing unique liquid cooling and ultra-efficient power technologies, Angstrom significantly reduces the electricity needed to operate computers in these facilities. Angstrom technology makes data centers more efficient.

Delivery of power is highly inefficient in current data centers; up to 50% of power can be wasted by the time power reaches the motherboard infrastructure. While data centers can easily triple in compute capacity, poor power utilization and archaic air cooling infrastructure prevent this and force expansion into new data centers. Angstrom provides solutions that mitigate the need to invest in new infrastructure by make the existing infrastructure more efficient.

Angstrom Microsystems engineers and manufactures high performance computers. Our clients include, among others, Pixar, Conoco, Philips and Akamai. Angstrom specializes in the Advanced Micro Devices (NASDAQ: AMD) Opteron processor platform. Angstrom provides unique Opteron expertise in software, BIOS, operating systems and hardware platforms necessary for understanding and implementing Opteron datacenters.

The Opteron is a recently announced next-generation AMD microprocessor for computers, workstations and high performance servers. Unlike Intel's solutions, the Opteron is completely compatible with all existing 32-bit software while simultaneously running faster 64-bit software. Unlike Intel, the Opteron is being supported by Microsoft's full line of products. Angstrom is working closely with AMD, the world's second largest CPU maker next to Intel, to pioneer the marketing and sales of its new AMD Opteron based server technology.