Agilezorb was conceived during research on energy absorbing nano-composites for helmets, bumpers, body armor, etc. Under certain conditions, only a small fraction of material contributed to the energy dissipation process. The search for alternate materials was inspired by the observation that at least one of the components needs to be highly "flexible," so as to take advantage of the entire surface area of the nanoporous particles.

Brain X

BrainX helps customers achieve their performance goals by developing online learning environments that use the latest neurobiology, educational philosophy, and computer interface technology research.


CaseStack provides full logistics outsourcing services to companies that sell products to retailers, distributors and other manufacturers. CaseStack combines an advanced transportation and warehousing system with proprietary, web-based software to provide end-to-end fulfillment services that enable customers to reap the benefits and economies of a sophisticated, global logistics system without all of the usual infrastructure costs.