iSpeech's text to speech software as a service (SaaS) converts text, documents, Web pages, blogs, mobile content or custom content into the highest quality speech available. If you weren't sold on quality, iSpeech is the fastest multi-threaded text to speech SaaS anywhere.

iSpeech's free version converts text to audio instantly, without any experience and without any software. Files can be embedded anywhere on the Web and shared quickly and easily. It's a great tool for students, professionals or anyone who wants to listen to text as clear natural sounding audio.


LandRoller is introducing the latest innovation in skating technology... The Mojo. This next generation model uses the same Angled Wheel Technology™ as previous models but offers enhanced performance with brand new features.

Larada Sciences

A specific combination of temperature, airflow, time and technique kills the lice and their eggs.The LouseBuster™ device delivers carefully controlled heated air directly to dry, untangled hair that is free of hair treatment products, at a temperature cooler than most hair-dryers and at a much higher flow rate. A unique, single-use applicator tip specially designed to penetrate beyond the insulating layer of hair is used to lift the hair slightly while directing airflow right onto lice and eggs which tend to be located near the scalp and hair roots. A specific,...



MOGL is the game that hooks you up with cash for eating out at your favorite restaurants.