Opticon Medical

Opticon Medical designs and develops innovative, cost-effective products for short-term urinary management and chronic urinary incontinence.
The Company has five FDA cleared products and a rich new product pipeline that positions the Company to address several important segments of the urinary management market.
Opticon's lead devices are the OPTION-vf® and OPTION-vm™ which have...

Phone Halo

The CobraTag is the first “powered by Phone Halo” product, displaying the capability of Phone Halo proximity tracking platform. In the CobraTag application, Phone Halo’s software functions as a personal assistant that keeps track of your belongings and prevents you from losing valuables. The powered by Phone Halo application on your smartphone tracks your belongings tagged with wireless devices. The Phone Halo system remembers where you left your item and reminds you with an audible tone when an item is left behind. When you have left your item, the app automatically...

Progressive Beverages

Based in Los Angeles and founded in 2002, Progressive Brands (“ProBrands”) is an American product developer and marketer of trend-setting brands in the premium distilled spirits industry. Agile and independent, ProBrands creates and accelerates growth for cutting-edge distilled spirit brands designed to fill industry gaps in product innovation.

Property Bureau

PropertyRoom.com, founded in 1999 by former police officers, combines expertise in law enforcement procedure, inventory tracking, logistics, merchandising, marketing and customer service to provide an effective auction solution for law enforcement and municipal surplus agencies.

With distribution and service centers nationwide, PropertyRoom.com specializes in the auction of stolen, seized, found and surplus goods and vehicles. Serving over 1,500 law enforcement and other public agencies nationwide, we offer a fraud-free marketplace with superior customer support.