Progressive Beverages

Based in Los Angeles and founded in 2002, Progressive Brands (“ProBrands”) is an American product developer and marketer of trend-setting brands in the premium distilled spirits industry. Agile and independent, ProBrands creates and accelerates growth for cutting-edge distilled spirit brands designed to fill industry gaps in product innovation.

Property Bureau

PropertyRoom.com, founded in 1999 by former police officers, combines expertise in law enforcement procedure, inventory tracking, logistics, merchandising, marketing and customer service to provide an effective auction solution for law enforcement and municipal surplus agencies.

With distribution and service centers nationwide, PropertyRoom.com specializes in the auction of stolen, seized, found and surplus goods and vehicles. Serving over 1,500 law enforcement and other public agencies nationwide, we offer a fraud-free marketplace with superior customer support.


Rock My World

 Using data from the accelerometer in your smartphone, RockMyRun knows your steps per minute, and we'll continually adjust the mix tempo so that you can hit your stride and coast along on the myBeat™ wave

Rx Timer Cap

The Rx Timer CapTM is a pill bottle with a digital timer on the cap that shows the amount of time it’s been since you’ve last taken your prescription medication.
Perfect tool for managing your medicine, the simple timer on the cap works like a stopwatch, counting the time since your medication was last taken, and resetting itself every time the container is opened.
This easy and simple-to-use healthcare tool helps patients take medication on-time, according to the doctor’s...

Schlep & Fetch

 Schlep & Fetch is an On-Demand Delivery Service, Personal Messenger, and Expedited Courier in Los Angeles. We offer customized delivery solutions including scheduled routing and local retail and restaurant delivery. If you or a customer needs something quickly.