DermTech is a privately-held company focusing on the development of a technology that promises to significantly improve the practice of medicine. The technology called Epidermal Genetic Information Retrieval (EGIR™) uses a custom adhesive to harvest genetic matter in the form of RNA taken from the surface layer of skin. The RNA is then analyzed and the resulting genetic signature is used to identify the presence of disease. The new technology is non-invasive, painless for the patient, easy to use and the results are based on objective, genomic data so are highly accurate.

Our first product candidate is for the non-invasive and genetic-based detection of melanoma. In studies thus far, we have registered 100% sensitivity (we have never missed a melanoma) and 88% specificity (fewer than 12%) false positives. These data are markedly better than any other available technique for detecting melanoma.

The technology may also be appropriate to detect a range of other diseases, using changes in the cells of the skin as a proxy for what is happening at a deeper level. The concept has been studied and there is work ongoing by DermTech researchers to develop tests for prostate and other cancers and diseases.