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Inhance Media (audiolife)

Founded on three core pillars of competency – Technology, Merchandising and Fulfillment – Audiolife was established in 2005 and in a half decade has become the go-to partner for some of the biggest names in the music industry.

From strategic campaign management to heavy lifting warehousing logistics, to providing our clients with cutting edge technology tools that make their success not only possible, but exceedingly profitable, we have come full circle in five short years, finally catering to a music industry that is now embracing needed change.

We arm our...

Language Weaver

Language Weaver provides trusted automated translation solutions for high-value, dynamic digital information to improve human communications. Delivering a trusted level of translation quality, Language Weaver ensures that organizations maintain and extend brand voice across global media types and audiences. Built on reliable, statistically based technology, the company’s products have been deployed worldwide across numerous industries and levels of government to increase operational effectiveness, improve brand experiences and boost customer engagement.

Masher Media


Masher Media Inc. is a creative hub for innovative ideas in entertainment. We are dedicated to defining rather than following the trends and creating, producing, and distributing the highest-quality entertainment that yields long-lasting brands.

Media Matchmaker

Privately held Media Matchmaker is a business-to-business online service that systematically and instantly connects the people who make movies, television and other entertainment products (producers) with the people who want to sponsor or place products in those movies, TV shows and other entertainment offerings (advertisers, ad agencies and media buyers).
Their proprietary matching system simplifies the challenging process of connecting the right entertainment property with the right products and sponsors, saving time, money and headaches for everyone involved.


PedAlign is a technology platform that enables doctors to provide high-quality orthotics with an easy-to-use scanning system. PedAlign was founded out of the increasing need to simplify the orthotics ordering and management procedures at the Podiatrist office. From the beginning our mission has been clear: Increase revenues and productivity of podiatrists by leveraging technology to prescribe and manage the highest quality custom orthotics.