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Social Rewards

Social Rewards is a new social loyalty company based in Torrance, CA, founded by Joseph Morin and Mike Uesugi, veterans of the digital industry with a combined experience level of over 25 years. Social Rewards is a cohesive blend of social media, affiliate marketing and loyalty rewards programs rewarding consumer brand advocates with loyalty program points for social media activity. In development since late 2009 and incorporated March of 2010, Social...


V-ENABLE is the leading provider of local search solutions powered by our proprietary search and advertising technologies, built from the ground up, specifically designed for local search and available as an end-to-end turnkey solution for mobile or as an extendible service to any digital environment.

Our proprietary search engine allows us to offer the most accurate and relevant organic results by integrating multiple local listings databases for business and residential listings (updated nightly), with our automated processes which match user inputs with...


Vigilistics is located in Irvine, California, near the largest concentration of dairy and food processing companies in the United States. Vigilistics Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence Suite (EMI Suite) is offered with a set of economic modules for specific performance objectives such as reducing material loss or energy consumption. Vigilistics software was developed specifically for compliance requirements, including accurate and auditable data and plant models that allow fully compliant tracking and tracing in a few seconds. Vigilistics value proposition can be summarized as:


VOKLE is an embeddable platform that enables any individual to easily broadcast their video to a virtual auditorium of
viewers, and, uniquely, take video calls from the audience with unprecedented ease. The platform
empowers individuals and companies across the globe to reach out to their online community,
engage in meaningful, real-time dialogue, and expand their brand presence like never before. The
technology not only provides any broadcaster with an innovative new landscape for lead
generation, but also provides powerful turn-key monetization functionality...