Etronica offers a unique search, navigation and personalization capability derived from its patented Brilliant Query™ technology. The technology can be used in a wide range of applications ranging from enhanced web applications to efficient navigation in a TV settop box. 

Using this technology, relevant keyword metatags are quickly and efficiently assigned to textual content. Once the metatags are assigned, Etronica can quickly respond to search inquiries by properly constructing Boolean search parameters and returning the most relevant content to the inquiry. Etronica's technology also enables, context sensitive, targeted advertising and e-commerce opportunities that can be driven by specific keyword metatags. 

In settop box applications, for television programming, video-on-demand, digital music, etc., Etronica can provide easy access to thousands of titles and descriptions without relying on the familiar, yet limited, two-dimensional time/channel grid. Again, targeted advertising or t-commerce opportunities can be easily integrated into the specific electronic program guide application.