EZ Apps

At EZ Apps, we build winning web applications. A winning web application starts with a great idea for a service that a web application can deliver. It gets built on time and on budget. It works in the real world. Customers buy the first version and stick with the application over the long term.

We own every application we build but prefer to share ownership with partners. Our ideal partner brings a great idea, the willingness to share the cost of development, and the ability to sell the application to customers. We bring the rest:

  • a proven and flexible software framework
  • careful and useful business analysis
  • data collection and analysis
  • hardware integration
  • project management
  • we don't over-build or under-build - the first version has just the necessary features to get money and feedback from early adopters

We are US based with a global reach that has enabled us to secure and support a large, international and diverse customer base. All development work is done in house, in the US.

Our track record speaks for itself, from our very first application, which helps protect the London Underground, to our most recent application which is the world's first electronic parking validation