As the premier service focused on leveraged loan amendments, LendAmend is where amendments come together℠.

LendAmend LLC is for professionals in the leveraged loan market to streamline the amendment process and provide administrative support to participants in the $1 trillion leveraged loan market.

Our solutions facilitate electronic signature page delivery, integrated compliance monitoring, increased transparency, standardized amendment procedures, and assist lending institutions in managing all aspects of the bank loan amendment...

Paradigm Select Assets

Paradigm Select Assets is an asset fund for investment in distressed debt.The purpose of the fund is to deliver consistently high returns that are uncorrelated to the equity markets.Paradigm purchases under performing debt, assetizes the debt claims into legal judgments, and then liquidates the portfolios on the secondary market.
Our “Recovery Valuation Approach” utilizes proprietary methods, as well as comprehensive financial models based upon $2B of processed debt history, to uncover value niches for investment in the credit markets.
The Opportunity: Paradigm Select...