DAX Solutions

DAX Solutions, Inc. delivers production workflow acceleration tools. It provides its solutions to companies who design, produce, manage, and distribute audio-visual and media content.


ElephantDrive is committed to providing individuals and businesses simple but powerful tools for protecting and accessing their data. We want ordinary people to enjoy the peace of mind that comes from the type of enterprise-class backup, storage, and data management that has historically only been available to big corporations. And we've made it so simple.

Our service has a lot in common with the world's largest land mammal. When you subscribe to ElephantDrive, you get a service that is very big, never forgets, and works for peanuts!

Integrien - VC Funded by Clearstone Ventures

As a company, Integrien understands the intense demands and critical importance of high-availability enterprise IT systems. A group of experienced executives and engineers with career-long backgrounds in high-availability enterprise networks, security, and application monitoring launched Integrien Corporation in 2001. Our big idea: enterprise IT organizations need automated intelligence to identify, predict and prevent problems in technology-based business systems.

Sandpiper Networks (Acquired by Cable & Wireless)

Cable & Wireless is one of the world’s leading international communications companies. We operate through two standalone business units – Cable & Wireless Communications (formerly CWI) and Cable&Wireless Worldwide – with a small Central team as portfolio manager.
Cable & Wireless Communications (formerly CWI)